Always wanted to own a Ukulele but not sure what to buy?

The Best Ukulele Package Deal You Will Find Anywhere !!!

Look no further, this is the Ukulele package you have been looking for.

Did you always want to own a Ukulele?  But not sure where to start? I have done all the homework for you and hand selected every single item that you need to start playing the Ukulele. I have put this fantastic package together for you and here is your chance to get your hands on this fantastic ukulele package deal. We have sold over 10 000 Ukulele Package deals in the US already and have many happy customers. We have only 400 package deals left for the Australian market and they will sell out before Christmas.

This Ukulele Package Deal Includes:

  • A mahogany concert size Ukulele
  • A Ukulele bag to carry and protect your Ukulele
  • A chromatic tuner to keep your Ukulele in Tune
  • Free Shipping with Tracking Number


This is the best Ukulele Package Offer Ever !!!


Why did I choose this for you?  I own all sizes of Ukuleles, but the soprano is simply too small, the Tenor size is simply too large and I might as well buy a guitar. So the concert size Ukulele is perfect. It’s the just the right size at 23″ or 58 cm. It sits nicely in the hand, the frets are just spaced nicely and fits most fingers well. People say the concert size Ukulele is the Ukulele that works for everyone.

I then looked for a bag to carry my Ukulele around and I found plenty of cheap bags that don’t really do anything so I found a bag with padding for you that protects your Ukulele from any damage when you take it somewhere. The bag I include for you has also a pocket for your notes or strings and a carry handle and strap to keep your hands free and carry it on your shoulder.

I didn’t want to stop there and any good package deal needs to come with a tuner for your Ukulele. Any Ukulele needs occasional tuning. The ukulele is made of natural materials so as the temperature changes it requires occasional tuning. I went out to get a bulk offer on this fantastic chromatic tuner with high accuracy so I could make this tuner part of the package deal.

I am so confident about how great this deal is: Actually so confident that I’m offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
There’s absolutely no risk for you. You have nothing to lose.
  • Risk Free Purchase
  • Money Back Gurantee
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Price Guarantee


ukulele page mahogany ukulele tuner and bag beach setting 2


I received so much great customer feedback. So let me share some of the comments of my customers with you:

Don’t Just Take My Word for It – Ask our customers
 I can guarantee you that this is the best package deal you will find and our 10 000 customers who have already received their package deal will confirm this:
“Uke is A1. I love the free tuner and bag. ”
Mark Waters
“Best money I ever spent…”
Alex Waters, NSW
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“We are so happy with this Ukulele package we purchased one each.”
Anna & Stephen
“Received in 2 days. Very happy.”
Margie Mitchel, VIC
“I use this for my gigs and also when I travel.”
Jenny Johnston
“Bought one for my son. He doesn’t stop playing. Great Ukulele deal.”
Simone Marksen, QLD
This Ukulele Package Deal Will Not Be Repeated
Do not hesitate because this package deal will sell out. This offer includes a concert size Ukulele, a Ukulele bag and a Ukulele tuner. It is the best deal will find anywhere. I will even ship free to your house with Australia post and include a tracking number. All Ukulele package deals are drop safe which means they are well packaged in a tough carton that is bubble wrapped. I also use a 60 micron satchel to protect your Ukulele from any damage and will arrive safely.
ukulele page mahogany ukulele tuner and bag close up with tuner
This deal has been so popular in the US so I have to put some limitations on this offer:
Sorry. Limit 1 Ukulele Package Deal Per Customer.
Some people say I should be charging $400 or more

But no, I decided to go for volume sales and keep the price low. I want to ensure it’s a very compelling offer to you and I want to keep the prices low. I know by keeping my overheads low I can keep the price low and I will move Ukulele package deal quickly.

What would you expect to pay? $350 ??
ukulele page mahogany ukulele tuner and bag beach setting 4


I have only 400 Uke Packages left. We had some bricks and mortar stores buying this package deals from us in the hundred lots and sell it to their customers for a 100% markup and sometimes even more. Before I realised what’s going on this offer was nearly sold out and this is why I unfortunately have to limit this offer to one per customer. Anyway, I learnt from it now and some other people made money of my package deal offer but I want to protect my customers and offer them this great deal directly without the middle man adding their markup to this great package so you can get this package from us direct and save over $200 dollars.
But No! You can get this Ukulele Package for only $199

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
Yes, all this for only $199
Limited Time Offer. To get this package deal you need to buy today and we include our best tuners before we run out. Due to the limited numbers of Ukulele in stock this offer is only available to Australia customers only.
Yes ! I’m ready.
I want to get the best Ukulele Package available.
ukulele page mahogany ukulele tuner and bag beach setting


Yes, I am ready to get this special offer for $199 only!

This limited Ukulele Package Deal Includes:

  • A concert size mahogany Ukulele
  •  A Ukulele bag to carry and protect your Ukulele
  • A chromatic tuner to tune your Ukulele
  • 30 Day Money Back Gurantee
  • Free Shipping with Tracking
  • Securely Packed with Bubble-wrap and strong 60 micron satchel
  • A Ukulele bag to carry and protect your Ukulele
  • A chromatic tuner to tune your Ukulele
 Secure your own Ukulele Package deal now…  
for only $199 …
 One Ukulele Package deal per customer only.

If you ever dreamt of playing the ukulele then this is your opportunity. Don’t put it off because this offer will sell out. The Ukulele is a fantastic instrument to get into music. It has four strings, not six like a guitar so it’s a lot easier and strumming a few chords will only take you hours to master. There are so many ukulele lessons available on youtube so you can start with beginner chords and advance quickly. Don’t waste your money on paying for lessons or chord books. So once you have received our ukulele then just go on youtube and type in “ukulele lessons” and go for it and ENJOY!




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